India cotton output seen higher in 2011-12 season


ATLANTA : Major cotton producer India is expected to produce 35.9 million bales in the 2011-12 season, according to Jarral Neeper, President of Calcot, Ltd., Bakersfield.
Addressing the annual Beltwide Cotton Conference here, he also projected world cotton production for 2011/12 season to be 124 million bales.
2011/12 consumption in India will be 22.5 million bales. According to him, there is little room for cotton acreage increase in China and India.
India is expected to plant 11.2 million hectares in 2011-12, which is a slight increase from the 11million hectares in 2010-11.India is estimated to produce 28 million bales.
The U.S. production is expected to increase at least by 10%. The United States is estimated to plant 12.83 million acres and the production is expected to be 19.38 million bales, he said.
China’s acreage can go only slightly high by 4-5 % in 2011-12 from its 2010-11 level, he added.
India’s Cotton Advisory Board revised its earlier estimate for the current 2010-11 season to 32.9 million bales, which is slightly higher than the August estimate of 32.5 million bales.
69% of the world’s cotton production is going to come from China, India, USA and Pakistan.