Cotton crops under threat due to locusts


The cotton crops in the western New South Wales are under threat because of the attack from the Spur-throated locusts. They are already destroying the crops in Narromine and Nyngan districts.

Looking at the situation, the Central West Livestock Health and Pest Authority has informed that it is already receiving reports from areas of Girilambone and Trangie about the attacks. Experts like Senior Ranger, Lisa Thomas believe that spur-throat locust attack is much bigger when compared to plague locust and has in the past eaten total crops and pasture within a period on one night only.

He further added that crops like "Corn, mung beans, cotton, and sorghum are also impacted because of these pests. While after the attack, some cotton gets totally defoliated crops like mung bean get damaged significantly during this time.

Unless and until means and ways are found to control these crops in this season itself, they are going to make some serious damages.

And they are going to be present till the month of May. One of the main ways of stopping this is by reducing the number of locusts.

Some also believe that the pests are not going to go in the south.