‘Dressual’ denim trend for 2012/2013 F/W season



For the Winter 2012/2013 collection VICUNHA has developed special processes in spinning and weaving which aim to give the final product an extra degree of softness. This goes handin- hand with the “Dressual” trend, which mixes sartorial techniques with denim wear. Combed yarn is used in some of the denims, revisiting this concept with an entirely new finesse in color and finishing. The collection also presents new coating finishings, which improve and simplify laundering.

Because of the very high cotton prices, VICUNHA has used more alternative fibres with an emphasis on recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Here as well, the emphasis is on the greatest possible use of eco-friendly production alternatives while maintaining a natural cotton feel to the fabrics. „We invest continually in sustainability,” asserts Dislich. “This is important for us in all areas of the product. An added aspect – also important – is being a vanguard worldwide.”


This idea was born around the original concept of a good casual denim shirt. The focus is on light fabrics, sophisticated and incorporating combed cotton, fancy finishing and intense warm winter colors, adding some stretch in certain cases.


Fashion for girls and ladies: a collection concept and performance coupled with just the right indigo color make this one of the most important stretch collections available today.


Modern city life demands practicality and functional elegance, without losing that necessarycoolness. That is wherecoolness. That is where VICUNHA denim comes in,casual qualities for a generation of city dwellers.


This is the center of gravity of VICUNHA’s denim collection: sought-after traditional articles with original features and adapted to today’s needs with a fresh approach. Cool styles that no mature collection should be without.


Superior through and through, from the spinning to structure and finishing, this is denim culture for the most demanding customer, that still stays authentic and needs no make-up.


Celebrating the black-denim concept, black is still in. For this winter season we go to a much lighter power stretch, an unparalleled symbiosis of structure and color.


Special denim at its very best: extreme fashion quality in a leather optic, for instance as shoe material. The topping on the ice-cream.

Color Denim

VICUNHA’s mature product range is complemented in color denim by 8 further styles rounding off 29 articles. Perfect for chinos, whose fashion revival has become a reality with economic strength. Casual qualities for a comfortable vintage feel in 9 to 12-oz comfort and power stretch articles that present a new range of possibilities.


Source: http://www.fibre2fashion.com/news/apparel-news/newsdetails.aspx?news_id=102513