Cotton crop management programme issued to DOAs


The Punjab Agriculture Department (PAD) has issued a cotton crop management programme to its District Officers Agriculture (DOAs) urging the field functionaries to work hard for the next crop.

According to a letter issued to the DOAs, cotton crop for 2011-12 is heading towards historical production and this production is attributed to blessings of Allah Almighty.

Favourable weather conditions, less pest attack including CLCV, comprehensive action plan from Agriculture Extension Wing and its implementation in letter and spirit also played a major role in this success, the letter added.

This unprecedented production deserves special appreciation for all field teams working for the success of this crop.

Therefore, the extension wing of PAD has urged its field staff to focus on uprooting of cotton sticks from fields, its disposal and grazing by sheep and goats as per provision of Pest Ordinance, 1959.

It further urged to focus on pest scouting of all spring crops especially sunflower shall be conducted with the use of chemical sprays through insect growth regulators.

Adoption of sanitary measures in trees/shrubs around cotton fields and ornamental plant nurseries against mealy bug.

Remove or manage alternative host plants for CLCV, and mealy bug around prospective cotton fields.

It also urged its functionaries to ask farmers to start planning about the upcoming crop by earmarking the land for cotton, soil analysis, arrangement of good quality labelled seed through a reliable source, arrangement of machinery and credit.

Avoid water stress and excessive nitrogen to the plants to spring crop and in case of severe attack of mealy bug treat the plants with one of the recommended pesticides, it said.