NPP collapsed the cotton industry in 8 years-Deputy Minister


Fifi Kwetey, a Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning has chastised the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), saying they have no tangible track record to seek the mandate of Ghanaians again.

He said in 8 years (2001-2008), the NPP neglected the cotton industry which was once employing many people especially in the northern part of the country. President Mills according to him has given a new lease of life to the Cotton industry. “For the first time in over several years, 40,000 farmers in 2011 cultivated 23,000 ha of cotton in the three northern regions from a previous figure of 2500. Lint cotton production increased to 7000 metric tons in 2011 from about 1300 MT previously. This came about because of the attraction into the sector of an investment of about $15m and government’s far reaching plans to create a Cotton Advisory Authority to protect and regulate the cotton industry. Under Mills’ visionary leadership, prospects for this sector and other sectors look so much bright” he stated.

He said a significant portion of the $3bn loan facility recently acquired is dedicated to the Accra Plains irrigation project which almost everyone except NPP has hailed as a transformational undertaking.

He said the NPP can’t do it and yet they will not let those who are willing and able, to do it without hindrance. What kind of people are these? He asked adding they opposed everything positive and progressive.

He also accused the NPP of setting up a whole ministry in charge of fisheries but never bothered to procure patrol vessels to protect our fisheries resources and boost enforcement of the fisheries regulation.

However, he said, Mills has demonstrated that the answer does not lie in setting up a Ministry for Fisheries as NPP did and Akufo Addo is still dreaming of restoring but the need to show real commitment to the sector.

He said a chunk of the $3bn facility will be devoted to the coastal fishing, harbours and landing sites redevelopment projects as well as boosting fishing along the Volta Lake.

According to him, there were only 12 Agricultural Mechanization Service Centres (AMSECs) in the country by the end of NPP’s rule in 2008. President Mills in three years has added 77.

President Mills according to the Deputy Minister is a visionary leader and has taken less than two years to deliver what the NPP was too blind to even conceive in 8years by setting up a National Food Buffer Stock Company.