Lana Del Rey’s First Modeling Job: H&M’s Fall Campaign


After some speculation, Swedish fashion retailer H&M confirmed this week that the singer everyone loves to hate, Lana Del Rey, will indeed be the face of their fall collection and released some impressive teaser images.

While her music career is still hit and miss for many listeners (she’s admittedly getting much better live), Del Rey has become a fashion world darling. While she’s not exactly doing an arena tour, she has signed to a modeling agency, appeared on a number of fashion magazine covers, and reached the peak of It-girl status with her own namesake Mulberry bag.

With a Priscilla Presley bouffant and matching pale pink angora sweater and pants, Lana Del Rey looks like she belongs on a tell-all Elvis biography book cover. Progressing her style from a 40s screen siren to 50s Marilyn Monroe, on up to 60s Jackie Kennedy, Del Rey is certainly the go-to girl for anything retro. H&M creative director Donald Schneider told WWD of the campaign, “The mood is very L.A. noir. It’s inspired by our fall collection.”

I’m tempted to call it a case of “chicken or the egg” whether or not the vintage Hollywood-inspired campaign was brought on by the popularity of Del Rey’s style, or if Del Rey was chosen to model because they needed a retro girl. All I can definitively say is that since her debut, I’ve seen a non-stop stream of girls wearing Del Rey’s signature floral crowns. I myself am guilty of attacking my hair with a curling iron in an attempt to achieve her old Hollywood wave.

This is Lana Del Rey’s first modeling gig since signing to Next Models in January. A minifilm featuring the star singing a cover of “Blue Velvet” will be released on on Sept 19 and used in their upcoming TV commercials.