Pakistan: Cotton scenario improves


KARACHI: Higher arrival of phutti from Sindh cotton fields into ginneries gave impetus to cotton production which has hitherto remained below last year’s output.

Short arrival of phutti in the Punjab had been suppressing cotton production ever since the start of new cotton season from Sept 1.

According to phutti arrival figures, compiled jointly by the Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA), All-Pakistan Textile Mills Association (Aptma) and Karachi Cotton Association (KCA), cotton production for the first time during the current season (2013-14) stood higher over the corresponding period last year.

The fortnightly (Sept 15 to Oct 1) arrival figures of phutti disclosed that around 3.684 million cotton bales have been produced, showing an increase of around 6.88 per cent over the corresponding period last year when production stood at 3.447 million bales. This means that around 0.237 million more bales have been produced over the corresponding period last year.

However, higher arrival of phutti from Sindh cotton fields have been instrumental in improving cotton production which up to last fortnight (Sept 1 to 15) remained below last year’s production. A remarkable increase of around 35.14 per cent in the flow of phutti in Sindh during the period under review resulted in production of 2.191 million bales which stood higher by 0.569 million bales more over corresponding period last year. In Punjab, cotton crop is still short by 18.21pc because up to Oct 1 around 1.493 million have been produced as against 1.825 million bales recorded in the same period last year.

As a result of slow phutti arrival in the Punjab, around 0.333 million less cotton bales have been produced so far.

On the consumption side, textile mills have so far purchased around 2.961 million bales compared to 2.805 million bales in the same period last year.

Similarly, exporters also lifted higher quantity at 135,600 bales compared to 36,740 bales last year.

The unsold stocks of cotton held by ginners stood at 587,883 bales as against 605,574 bales in the corresponding period last year.

Presently around 704 ginning mills are operating with 448 in the Punjab and 256 in Sindh.

Cotton watchers believe that if current pace of phutti arrival continues, the country will be in a position to produce 12.50 to 13 million bales which could easily meet domestic demand of spinning industry.