Davron makes energy-saving preheating industrial oven


Davron Technologies, Inc., an industrial oven manufacturer, has designed and manufactured DTI-1133, an electrically heated, energy-friendly industrial oven used to pre-heat automotive carpet blanks prior to press forming.

The preheating oven uses an innovative air bypass system that prevents heat from escaping the oven chamber when the oven door is open.

The DTI-1133 preheating oven comes equipped with a dual alternating rack system. While a carpet blank is being heated on one rack, the other rack is simultaneously unloaded and then loaded with new product. The air bypass system is able to capture the heated air while the racks are changing position, increasing energy efficiency.

Carpet blanks are manually placed on the racks of the preheating oven to start. The racks then enter the oven to be preheated by convection heat. The airflow within the heated chamber is a vertical airflow pattern with a maximum operating temperature of 500° F. Heated air is impinged on the product from above and passes through the product and rack, the company said in a press release.

After the preheating process is complete, the first rack exits the oven and the heated carpet blank is manually unloaded. During this time the other rack is loaded in the oven and the process is repeated.

Davron custom fabricates industrial ovens and provides turnkey design and system integration of thermal processing solutions. Davron is a total industrial oven manufacturer, offering custom industrial ovens and precision process equipment for every industry that requires thermal processing. (GK)

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