Teijin makes new medical-device management RFID solutions


Teijin Limited has developed three types of radio-frequency identification device (RFID) solutions for medical-device management using CELL FORM, the company’s RFID-enabled sheets that work like reader antennas, and the Recopick RFID information-management system.

The first solution is a medical-device management system that will be introduced at St. Luke’s international hospital in Tokyo within the current fiscal year ending in March 2016. The system is capable of identifying in real-time the location of all infusion pumps and syringe pumps within the system, including equipment storage, shelves and patients rooms across all 22 wards of the hospital. It is ideal for managing medical devices in hospitals to reduce excessive inventory, monitor usage, and eliminate misplacement, Teijin said in a press release.

The second solution is a smart cabinet system that manages medical supply inventories and automatically orders replacements when disposable items are used. The system performs automatic stock checking, reduces excessive inventory and maintains inventory on a real-time basis.

Teijin’s third new RFID-based solution is a smart sensing board that automatically reads RFID tags attached to disposable medical items stored in a bin. The board is placed on the top of the bin to 0record usage by monitoring the RFID tags on each device. The board can record the amount of items used and when the items were used to support precise fee calculation.

Teijin is developing CELL FORM for applications such as the surface-based communication of radio waves and expanded wireless LAN applications. Recopick RFID information management system facilitates information gathering, including presence and location, for thousands of communications/items in real time. Recopick propagates ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio waves on two-dimensional surfaces, such as shelves, with minimum effect on other medical devices. (GK)

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