GMAC begins construction of garment training institute


After about 8 years of planning, the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) has begun construction of the Cambodian Garment Training Institute, according to reports in the Cambodian media. The institute, being set up with the support of the Cambodian Ministry of Labour and the French Development Agency in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, will involve a cost of $ 3.8 million.


The institute is being set up with an objective to train local workers to make them employable in garment and footwear factories, which want to decrease their reliance on foreign labour. The Cambodian garment sector currently employs workers from countries like China, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Singapore.


The garment industry being one of the economic pillars of Cambodia, the requirement of skilled labour becomes a necessity. The institute expects to fulfill this need by training more than 1,600 garment workers in the first three years once it becomes operational. It will cover skill training from basic sewing to advanced techniques like pattern making and marketing, as per GMAC.


Besides this, 12-month courses will be offered to 240 university students as part of a separate programme.


The construction of the institute building is expected to get completed by the end of next year.


The number of workers in Cambodian garment factories is estimated to have increased from around 500,000 in 2013 to more than 600,000 now. According to GMAC, Cambodia’s export of garments and textile to EU, US, Canada, Japan, and other countries amounted to $ 5.343 billion last year. (HO)


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