Blueshift unveils AeroZero lightweight composites polymer


Blushift International Materials, creators of best-in-class, state-of-the-art, lightweight materials, has launched a 50 micron thickness of AeroZero, a lightweight, 100 per cent polymer aerogel that is easily incorporated into electronics and composites.

The thinner AeroZero film enables lightweight, higher-performing products, with superior insulation and RF capabilities.

AeroZero is a 100 per cent polyimide material and combines the benefits of an aerogel with the conveniences of plastic. Unlike traditional polymer film, AeroZero is 90 per cent air and comprised of nano-sized pores. Therefore, it provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and has a significantly lower dielectric constant than traditional RF materials, making it ideal for radio frequency-based products. It also provides flexibility in both very hot and cold environments, according to a press release.

Applications for the new 50 micron AeroZero film include composite structures that require a very thin and lightweight insulation or dielectric layer, such as antennas for electronics, aircraft, and satellites. In the consumer realm, sportswear, and apparel brands are using AeroZero films to create more versatile, better performing outerwear, shoes, and other products.

Tim Burbey, president, Blueshift International Materials said, “Vertical industries from electronics to aerospace and defense to consumer apparel are all seeking to take advantage of lightweighting to improve their product performance and ultimately the end user’s experience. AeroZero helps designers provide lower weight products, while simultaneously improving thermal and acoustic insulation and RF performance. To address our customers’ design needs, we continue to provide industry-leading innovations to our AeroZero product line.” (GK)

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