Thule Adventure team uses TeXtreme fibre kayaks


Thule Adventure team, a Swedish multisport team that has been leading the adventure racing sport for many years and one of the highest ranked multi-sport team in the world, have adopted new kayaks made with TeXtreme carbon fibre.

Martin Flinta, team leader of Thule Adventure Team said, “We wanted to reduce weight but keep the strength and with TeXtreme they could achieve just that. When you race for several days in a row, and cover such great distances it is important to have the best possible gear and really lightweight products.”

TeXtreme is the next generation of carbon fibre material in the sporting goods industry. It is based on using Spread Tows instead of yarns to achieve materials that are used to produce ultra light weight and high-performance products. Companies utilising the TeXtreme Technology achieve better properties on weight, stiffness, strength, etc. compared to those using other conventional carbon fibre materials, according to a press release.

The Thule Adventure Team consists of some of the world’s best multisport athletes. They have an impressive list of accomplishments that include two titles in the adventure racing world championship. Multisport is an endurance sport with emphasis on orienteering, mountain biking, kayaking and running in different environments and distances.

Many sports have seen the use of TeXtreme make an immediate and dominant impact on performance like Formula 1 racing, Americas Cup, NASCAR, Le Mans, ice hockey, bicycles, tennis, and surf boards. (GK)

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