PCGA for enhancing cotton production up to 30 million bales


Newly elected Chairman Shahzad Ali Khan and Vice Chairmen Girdhari Lal and Malik M Sarfraz Nazim of Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) have stressed the need for enhancing the cotton production up to 30 million bales to meet the requirement of local textile industry by using certified, well germinated and hi-yield seed. The PCGA would stand with the government for eliminating the seed-mafia which had plundered the farmers and pushed back the country.

They said, “We vow to make Pakistan a cotton exporting country and it would help in strengthening the agricultural economy besides increasing the exports considerably. Shahzad Ali Khan said that PCGA has completed its task to procure good quality, well-germinated and certified cotton seed from the international companies. He said that producers should remember that cottonseed is a living entity that can vary greatly in quality. The use of poor seed causes many fields to be replanted, especially in cool wet weather. Replanting is expensive, is complicated by herbicide and insecticide use and may cause delayed maturity. The use of high quality seed will not totally eliminate the need for all replanting caused by cool wet weather. However, the use of high quality seed along with other good planting practices can significantly reduce the odds of having to replant and farmers would be able to get better produce. He said that he would take steps with the consultation of think tank, predecessors and other progressive ginners. Rao Sadar Uddin, Ramesh Lal, Mukhtar Baloch, Mian Mehmood Ahmed, Masud A Majeed, Suhail Mehmood Haral and others congratulated and garlanded the newly elected body and demanded for a crack down against the seed mafia which had plundered the farmers and became millionaire.