Tanzania: Poor Seeds Hold Back TZ Cotton Industry


cottonmarketnews_cotton1_028_640x437Mwanza — The use of poor cotton seeds is likely to continue plaguing the cotton yarn sector following reports of shortage of high quality seeds this season.

Acting director of the Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB) Mr Gabriel Mwalo, said this year’s season will experience a shortage of quality cotton seeds for planting in the normal sowing period from 15 November to 30 December.

“Despite challenges for the long-term sustainability of certified cotton seeds, the quality of seeds for planting should not be compromised,” he said.

He said TCB had appointed twenty seven cotton buying companies to supply certified cotton seeds for the whole industry in the 2015-2014 farming season, but things have not worked out as planned.

TCB planned to have 21,380 tonnes of quality seeds from the companies for distribution to farmers countrywide.

He added that, so far a total of 11,444 tonnes of cotton seeds have been distributed to farmers across the villages, however, 4,726 tonnes were preserved as security,” he said.

According to him, out of the distributed 11,444 tonnes of the seeds, TCB has confirmed 3,000 tonnes to be of poor quality thus not suitable for sowing.

Meanwhile, he said TCB has intercepted 3,480 tonnes that have been distributed to farmers in the districts of Magu, Kwimba, Maswa, Itilima, Bariadi, Kahama, Igunga, Mbogwe, Chato and Bukombe.