Pakistan Local Cotton Market Report as on 30th May 2016


KCA Spot Rate

Rates (kgs) Ex-Gin Price PKR Up Country Expenses Spot Rate Ex-Karachi PKR Spot Rate Ex-Karachi c/lbs
37.324 kgs 5,500 135 5,635 65.41
40.0 kgs 5,894 145 6,039 65.41
kca spot rate

Cotton Offering Price in Pakistan Market

31-May-2016 27-May-2016 01-June-2015 15/16 vs 14/15
(Ex-Khi) 37.324 kg 5,635 5,635 5,600
(Ex-Khi) Equivalent 40 kg 6,039 6,039 6,001
Punjab 5,675 5,544 5,537
Sindh 6,050 4,200        –
pak cotton offering price


NYBOT (27th May. 2016) KCA (30th May. 2016)
Cotton Rate (cent / lbs) 64.28 66.18

Pakistan Cotton Arrivals

2015-16 2014-15
Punjab 6,002,406 **
Sindh 3,766,037 **
Pakistan 9,768,443 **

Pakistan Raw Cotton Consumption

Period (May 2015-16) Crop Qty. in MT
Aug to Feb 2016 10,093,418
Mar 2016 1,439,971
Total PKR RS.11,533,389

Cotton Imports by Pakistan

Period (May 2015-16) Qty. in MT
Aug 15 to Mar 2016 363,386
April 2016 52,464
Total PKR RS.415,850

Cotton Exports by Pakistan

Period Crop Register Bales Shipment Bales
01-08-15 to 15-05-16 2014-15 8,060 5,259
01-08-15 to 15-05-16 2015-16 309,476 251,427
Total PKR RS.317,536 RS.256,686

Pakistan Kappas Prices

Province PKR / Per Maund USD$ / Per Maund
Sindh 2200-2400 21.07-22.98
Punjab 3100-3400 29.69-32.56

Pakistan Fertilizer Prices

Province PKR / Per 400c USD$ / Per 400cc
Sindh – DAP 2650 25.38
Punjab – DAP 2650 25.38

Pakistan Pesticides Prices

Product PKR / Per 400cc USD$ / Per 400cc
Confidor 400cc 1250 11.97
Polo 1000cc 3270 31.32

A lacklustre activity was witnessed on the cotton market on Monday as mills and spinners kept on the sidelines in absence of motivating factors, dealers said. Market sources said that leading participants failed to make several deals ahead of federal budget 206-17. Cotton analyst said that traders and businessmen were hoping more concessions in the budget. Most of the mills were expecting modest fall in the rates after arrivals of imported cotton and phutti, he added. On Sunday to overcome crisis, Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar said that the government is committed to enhance exports and would accord full consideration to the proposals put forth by All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) delegation in the ongoing budget exercise. The delegation of APTMA shared with the Minister details on the current profile of textile sector in the country and also apprised him about their budget proposals in a meeting with the Finance Minster here. Ishaq Dar also chaired a meeting to review the budget proposals regarding development of agriculture sector in the country.

Agro Met Bullet Pakistan – 3rd Decade of May-16

  • Moderate to heavy rainfall reported in the agricultural plains of KP, however light to moderate in the agricultural plains of Punjab & light rainfall in agricultural plains of Balochistan, GB & Kashmir while trace rainfall reported from a single place in the agriculture plains of Sindh during the last decade.
  • Highest amount of rainfall reported 96.5 mm at Parachinar during the last decade.
  • Highest Maximum temperature recorded 52.2°C at Larkana during the last decade.
  • Mainly very hot and dry weather is expected in most parts of the country however rainthunderstorm with strong gusty winds are expected at scattered places during start & end of the decade.
  • Wheat crop is in different maturity stages in most of the agricultural plains of the country.
  • Farmers are advised to stop irrigation the crops by keeping in view the expected rainthunderstorm with strong winds in the agricultural plains of the country.
  • Farmers are advised to control further weeds growth at the present growing stages to stop any negative impact over the crops after expected rains in the mentioned areas.
  • Farmers of southern Punjab & Sindh are advised to prepare land for cotton in time so that best grains conditions may be fully utilized during the whole crop life.

All Pakistan Textile Association (APTMA) Chairman Tariq Saud Monday appreciated timely decision of the federal government to reintroduce ‘Zero Rating or No-Tax and No-Refund Regime’ for the textile sector – the largest export oriented sector and contributes more than 55 percent of foreign exchange earnings through exports. On behalf of textile sector, he thanked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Finance Minister & Economic Affairs, Haroon Akhtar Khan Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Ishaq Dar and FBR Chairman Nisar Muhammad Khan for acceptance the longstanding demand of APTMA to restore zero rating of raw materials exclusively used by the industry for the manufacturing of products which will be a step forward for the development and growth of export-oriented textile industry. He also especially appreciated the role of Ishaq Dar for realising the issue and taking a concrete step for the revival of the textile industry which will work well and boost exports. He further said that the application of sales tax regime at the rate of zero-percent on export-oriented sectors, including textiles from 2016-17 wherein the entire supply chain would be subjected to zero-rating regime would take away the issue of refunds and resolve liquidity problems both for the industry and its buyers. A delegation led by Chairman APTMA Tariq Saud also participated in a meeting of the textile value chain held with Finance Minister on Sunday in Islamabad to present the case. Haroon Akhtar Khan Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Revenue and Chairman FBR were also present in the meeting. The Finance Minister also assured the team of considering other recommendations of APTMA for the restoration of viability of the industry for export boost.

Pakistan Cotton Buying & Selling

PKR C/lbs
Sindh 6,050 70.43
Punjab 5,675.00 66.06
Average 5,862.50 68.24
KCA Spot Rate [Ex-Khi] 5,685.00 66.18
kca vs sindh punjab

Sindh Cotton Transactions at Ginning Factories

Sindh Stations PKR C/lbs
Upper/Central/Lower Sindh 6,050 70.43
0.00 0.00
0.00 0.00

Punjab Cotton Transactions at Ginning Factories

Punjab Stations PKR C/lbs
Upper/Central/Lower Punjab 0.00 0.00
5,788 67.37
5,450 63.44