Pakistan Local Cotton Market Report as on 26th July 2016


KCA Spot Rate

Rates (kgs) Ex-Gin Price PKR Up Country Expenses Spot Rate Ex-Karachi PKR Spot Rate Ex-Karachi c/lbs
37.324 kgs 6,350 135 6,485 75.49
40.0 kgs 6,805 145 6,950 75.49
kca spot rate

Cotton Offering Price in Pakistan Market

27-July-2016 26-July-2016 27-July-2015 15/16 vs 14/15
(Ex-Khi) 37.324 kg 6,350 6,250 4,750
(Ex-Khi) Equivalent 40 kg 6,805 6,698 5,090
Punjab 6,775 6,700       –
Sindh 6,508 6,464 4,715
pak cotton offering price


NYBOT (26th July. 2016) KCA (26th July. 2016)
Cotton Rate (cent / lbs) 73.63 74.33

Pakistan Cotton Arrivals

2015-16 2014-15
Punjab 6,002,406 **
Sindh 3,766,037 **
Pakistan 9,768,443 **

Pakistan Raw Cotton Consumption

Period (May 2015-16) Crop Qty. in MT
Aug to Apr 2016 12,975,742
May 2016 1,445,294
Total PKR RS.14,421,035

Cotton Imports by Pakistan

Period (May 2015-16) Qty. in MT
Aug 15 to May 2016 451,718
June 2016 22,707
Total PKR RS.474,425

Cotton Exports by Pakistan

Period Crop Register Bales Shipment Bales
01-08-15 to 30-06-16 2014-15 8,060 5,259
01-08-15 to 30-06-16 2015-16 314,356 313,862
Total PKR RS.322,416 RS.319,121

Pakistan Kappas Prices

Province PKR / Per Maund USD$ / Per Maund
Sindh 3000-3200 28.73-30.65
Punjab 3000-3200 28.73-30.65

Pakistan Fertilizer Prices

Province PKR / Per 400c USD$ / Per 400cc
Sindh – DAP 2600 24.90
Punjab – DAP 2600 24.90

Pakistan Pesticides Prices

Product PKR / Per 400cc USD$ / Per 400cc
Confidor 400cc 1250 11.97
Polo 1000cc 3270 31.32

Thanks to the fall in arrivals of seed cotton from the Punjab station, the rates recovered, albeit modestly, on the cotton market on Tuesday, dealers said. Some brokers observed that prices recovered slightly owing to delay in seed cotton arrivals from the Punjab due to late sowing. Commenting on the fresh development, cotton analyst, said that decline in fresh arrivals also propelling ginners to raise asking prices, helped prices to halt further erosion in the value.

Agro Met Bullet Pakistan – 3rd Decade of July-16

  • Heavy to moderate rainfall reported in the agricultural plains of Punjab & K.P. Light to moderate rainfall reported in agriculture plains of Balochistan, GB & Kashmir, and light rainfall reported in agricultural plains of Sindh during the last decade.
  • Highest amount of rainfall reported 157mm at Kakul during the last decade.
  • Highest Maximum temperature recorded 46°C at Panjgur during the last decade.
  • Rain/thunderstorm is expected from 22nd to 31st in most of the agricultural plains of the country during the decade.
  • Farmers obtaining crop water through tube wells are advised to schedule the irrigation according to the expected weather mentioned during the decade.
  • Farmers are advised to control further weeds growth at the present growing stages to stop any negative impact over the crops. Weeds removing practices should be started soon after expected rains in the mentioned.
  • Farmers are advised to take in time precautionary measures to protect their crops, livestock and other property from any expected heavy rains.
  • Pest/viral attacks are expected over cotton and sugarcane crops during hot and humid conditions during monsoon. Farmers should be very careful and take in time precautionary measures in this regard.

Cotton farmers are warned to take care of their crops during the prevailing wet and humid weather since it amplifies the threat being posed to them by leafhoppers. The warning by the Punjab Agriculture Department came on Monday as a department spokesman urged farmers to carry out twice a week pest scouting and the use of pesticides.

Pakistan Cotton Buying & Selling

PKR C/lbs
Sindh 6,508 75.76
Punjab 6,775 78.87
Average 6,641.50 77.31
KCA Spot Rate [Ex-Khi] 6,385 74.33
kca vs sindh punjab

Sindh Cotton Transactions at Ginning Factories

Sindh Stations PKR C/lbs
Upper/Central/Lower Sindh 0.00 0.00
0.00 0.00
6,508 75.75

Punjab Cotton Transactions at Ginning Factories

Punjab Stations PKR C/lbs
Upper/Central/Lower Punjab 6,775 78.87
0.00 0.00
0.00 0.00