Pakistan Cotton imports up sharply in October


Pakistan imported 18,597 tonnes of raw Cotton in October, increased 164.76% as compared to 7,024 tonnes in October last year and up 29.89% from 14,318 tonnes a month earlier, according to latest data from Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Raw Cotton imports from July to October of 2016-17 financial year totalled 63,877 tonnes, up 83.4% from the corresponding period last year.

Raw Cotton exports from Pakistan stood at 7,033 tonnes in October, advanced 68.41% from a month earlier but down 10.84% year-on-year. Total exports during July to October reached 17,332 tonnes, around 60% lower than the corresponding period last year.

The country’s Cotton yarn exports in October rose to 45,086 tonnes, up 34.4% month-on-month and 11.785 year-on-year.

Shipments of Cotton yarn recorded at 161,771 tonnes during July to October period, down slightly from 164,902 tonnes in the same time last year.